About Us

Little Beginnings

Little Moments Group was birthed from the idea that everything begins from something. And not just anything, but something small. Brands, both great and small, started from a small idea or thought, from a spark. Armed with this understanding, we founded the agency in 2019 to help brands achieve the biggest result they can from their little sparks. We have since then gone from strength to strength.


First step


Second step

Plan creative process

Third step

Creative implementation

About us

Are you looking to build a brand

that your target audience will easily recognize? A brand that a majority of your target audience associates with quality and which they will choose over similar brands? We are a 360° Digital Marketing Agency that WILL help you achieve that.

About us

Little Aims

Our primary aim is to help businesses reach and surpass their expectations. To achieve this, we offer all-round services that will help brands meet their digital needs. We place a high priority on results and work hard to achieve it. As a member of CCG (The Collegiate Creative Group), we have access to a vast number of experts. Due to this, you can expect top-notch solutions, unlike any you will get elsewhere. Our aim also includes ensuring that your brand is on course with its overarching vision. We understand every business has specific, individual needs, which makes it necessary that we find specific, individual solutions.


Little Moments Group is all about adding value to brands and helping them grow. Once we understand your needs, we will deliver a tailored service that will leave you speechless.

Let your brand attain its full potential

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